Hanne Sie




My work with painting, water colour, graphics and sculpture is centred on colour and form as expression and as a universal language without words. The works can speak directly to another person's feelings, but can be experienced differently depending on the background of the individual.

I process my senses and experiences of the world into abstract, simplified expressions. My starting point is geometric and concrete, but it develops into commentaries on reality as I perceive it. That is why my works usually have titles.

I work with colours, shapes and lines which are merged into coloristic compositions within my personal lyrical palette.

Of importance to me is the interaction between the colours and the shapes which is created through their position, location and direction, their contrast ratio and volume. More importantly, I use my spontaneous intuition which ultimately determines the expression of the work.


I was born in 1955 and have been working as a professional artist since 1980.

I have an extensive exhibition activity in galleries and art associations and have taken part in censored exhibitions in Denmark as well as internationally.

I have done a number of decorating assignments and am represented at several museums in Denmark and Europe.

I am a member of Danish Visual Arts (BKF), Danish Graphic Artists (DG), The Danish Women’s Artist Association (KKS) and Funen Printmaking Studio (Fyns Grafiske Værksted).

A detailed CV and more works can be seen here

Phone: 4581 7616 or 2637 7616

Email: hannesie4@gmail.com