Søren Schaarup



Daily megabytes of volatile visual and tactile sensations stored in my brain's hard drive. 
The curves of a moraine landscape, the rounding of a rear fender, the texture of some bark, the twist of a hip, the bend of a drainpipe, the empty space of a cup, the mark of a a cheekbone, the resiliency of a melon. 
All sensed and recorded as myriads of form files. A great software subconsciously stored in folders which at work are opened autonomously and serves as the basic supplier of components for my sculptural language. 

My transformation of these specifically sensed forms and structures to new three-dimensional volumes is the heart and driving force of my sculptural expression - an expression in which I am constantly challenged by the opportunity to investigate the dynamics of shapes and where the process of creating a sculpture becomes a kind of materialized meditation. 

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Phone: 2240 7414 

Mail: schaarup@c.dk