Ole Schjører-Hansen



The sculptures are the children of the past century's great innovative artistic movements, namely Supramatism and Constructivism .

Abstract sculptures. No familiarity with the external world.

Only surface, lines and space in inner harmony and balance, which creates an artistic experience in the individual person's world of associations.

At first glance, Ole Schjører-Hansen's sculptures are experienced as two-dimensional. They seem like a frame of the void, they embrace the air, forming the framework for the intangible.

These black frames turn out to be made of painted iron and contain a third dimension: depth. They are not only signs, outline, but also forms.

Each sculpture has its uniqueness, but characteristic is this immediate two-dimensionality when the works are observed head-on. The ingredients are very simple: horizontal and vertical metal sheets, circle and bars, as well as the most important element: space.

Ole Schjører-Hansen tries in his sculptures to create a wholeness and achieve harmony between material and form, while he seeks a greater and greater simplicity. His roots are in constructivism, which he believes is far from exhausted. While his earlier works from the 90's - consisting of old engine parts - led the mind to think about constructivism's last attempts to approach the modern world's technical achievements, his latest sculptures largely show a spiritual dimension .

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