The Artists Association Aurora was started by the silent movie film star Asta Nielsen in 1967.....

The film actress Asta Nielsen - "Die Asta " - took part in the Artist Association Aurora's first exhibitions with collages made ​​of her old costumes. Not many are aware that she also worked with art alongside her many film roles.

Asta Nielsen was married to art dealer Christian Theede and lived in Villa Aurora on Moen. The group, which takes its name from this villa, was founded in 1967 as a pure female group and also included the painter Anne Marie Telmanyi - daughter of composer Carl Nielsen.

For many years the head of the art academy's croquis school - Therese Dragshøj - was a member of the group. One of the present participants - Dominique B. Magnussen - who has exhibited with Asta Nielsen, has been chairman of the group for 20 years.

There is a tradition of holding group exhibitions in Broendsalen in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. At the opening of one of the group exhibitions in Broendsalen in 1978 actress Helle Virkner said that "when an exhibition of female artists can still cause a stir, then feminism did not come far enough."

Today, the group has reinvented itself and also includes male artists. Although Aurora has a long history, the association moved with the times and it is definitely recognized, modern and has contemporary artists in the group.

The participating artists are: Dominique B. Magnussen, Hanne Salamon, Hanne Sie, Josef Salamon, Ulrik Vintersborg, Mogens Kischinovsky, Søren Schaarup, Ole Schjører-Hansen and Arne Møller.